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Introduction to Category Theory and its applications


First lecture: Jan 31, 2022 @ 10am EET


Monday : ICT building room A1
Friday : ICT building probably the coffee room in kybi


We meet in person, we are sick of the pandemic.


Pawel Sobociński
Fosco Loregian


An introductory course on category theory and its applications.

Good references for studying category theory are:

Riehl "Category theory in context"
Leinster "Basic Category Theory"
Borceux "Handbook of categorical algebra", vol 1-3
Mac Lane, "Categories for the working mathematician"
Awodey "Category theory"
Barr & Wells "Category Theory for Computing Science"

If your plan is to end this course knowing strictly more than the teachers, the (delightful) "Practical Foundations of Mathematics" by Paul Taylor follows a philosophy very similar to the one we're taking. This similarity wasn't engineered on purpose.

Chapter I is a swift introduction to the foundation of Mathematics; Chapter II is a crash course on "set theory", where both the word "set" and the word "theory" acquire a better meaning than in other books. Chapter III deals with order structures, but it's constantly, and not so secretly, talking about category theory.


Because category theory = {cool stuff} ∩ {useful stuff}!


On posets | PDF

On monoids | PDF


here a HIGHLY UNSTABLE draft

Victor Brauner, Arche-chat, 1948, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art (Cornell University), Ithaca, NY, US.